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Schmancy Pack brings sustainable packaging solutions to the table and opens its door to a wide range of opportunities in the world of packaging - ideas you never knew could exist!

Your brand, Packaged by experts

With an assortment of qualitative packaging materials along with timeless design - we know what packaging would suit your clientele best. Our customised packaging solutions offer to streamline the needs of suppliers and customers, where buyers can place small, medium and large orders for packaging and branding.

According to the founder, Nikhil Parekh, “Schmancy addresses a key challenge in the execution of packaging: providing solutions from designing to manufacturing, along with the flexibility of customisation. The idea is to create a perfect amalgamation of establishing beautiful designs which are created to custom fit the packaging boxes and bags, based on customer requirement and persona - independent of the quantity.”

Nikhil Parekh



Concept creation under one roof

At Schmancy Pack, we offer certified packaging materials, advise on latest consumer trends, top-quality designs, optimal pricing and logistic solutions - to create complete and proven concepts to build your brand. With full-concept creation under one roof, Schmancy Pack holds the advantage of sourcing from market-leading selection of colours, designs and environmentally conscious materials - ensuring a coordinated and perfect match between quality and design.

Product Team


Schmancy Products

Schmancy products are available online and can be viewed in the traditional touch and feel style at the manufacturing unit. While we initially started working on products targeted for bakers - we have extended our arm towards offering services to restaurant owners and other niche industries including boutique apparel owners, creative artisans and such like. Our products are aesthetically designed to fuse in with the packaging needs. We also encourage customers to have a one-on-one discussion with our designers, in order to understand the requirements better.

Design & Marketing

Schmancy Manufacturing Unit

Our first manufacturing unit set up at Bengaluru is spread across xxx sq ft. and is equipped with cutting-edge technology machines. The machines are designed to deliver high performances which are capable of meeting different levels of production requirement. These advanced machinery ensure optimal quality and a high serial production capacity, allowing us to bring our customers’ requirements to completion, within the given timeline. Combined with the skill and experience of the operator, our digitally-controlled lathe helps us create the most complex packaging pieces.

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Food Safe

Combining innovative materials with responsibly sourced paper products.


Made from renewable resources. Hygienically & Ethically Produced.

Eco Friendly

Carbon neutral & market-leading choice of eco-conscious materials used.

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Let’s get to it!

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